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Monday, 31 October 2011

c25k 3.2

I feel I should warn you all... I'm injured!
(not my knee)
Run two of week three went really well for the first mile and a half (even that hill wasn't so bad this time) but then disaster struck. My left knee began to ache. Not wanting to give in I carried on and managed a good six minute run at the end again, followed by an extra couple of minutes after that because Mr Bunn needed to go out and I was on kid duty.

It seems this extra running was a mistake. My run was on Friday, now it's Monday and I can barely walk. I've dosed up on paracetamol (I'm allergic to everything else) and strapped up the offending appendage. I feel no better and what's more, I'm desperate to go out running!

Everything's starting to hurt now as other parts of my leg are trying to compensate for my knee. Particularly my left ankle and my right knee. The worst thing is I don't even know what caused it. Well, obviously it's the sudden exercise after 10 years of being a sloth, but what I mean is there was no sudden jolt, no falling over. I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday but he'll probably just tell me to keep rested until it's better. 

Has anyone else had anything similar? Any advice?!

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