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Monday, 10 October 2011

c25k 1:1

I'm not overweight, I'm just really, really unhealthy. I used to go to the gym with my Dad a few years ago when I was staying at his, I think I went twice or so. My four year old daughter puts me to shame when we race home from school.

So after some inspiration from Bangs and a Bun and encouragement from Jess over atFeeling Stylish I decided to get off my fat arse and have a go at the C25K (Couch To 5 Kilometres) program. It's supposed to get anyone from couch potato to being able to jog 5k within 9 weeks. Supposed to.

Last night I went for my first run. I had to do a 5 minute warm up walk, then 8 rounds of 60 seconds jogging, 90 seconds walking. The route I chose was 2.4 miles which was just long enough to give me another 4 minutes cool down walk at the end.

The first half was really tough. After the second round of jogging my chest was tight and hot, and I'm pretty sure I was going to die. But then Red Snapper kicked it up a gear and I got into a really good rhythm. I had an app on my phone which beeped every time I had to switch from jogging to walking and vice versa. By the time my 8th round was over I felt like I could run forever. I couldn't, obviously. I tried jogging a bit more but my legs turned to jelly so I stumbled home.

Thanks to a bit of stretching when I got home I don't feel so bad today. I'm actually looking forward to going again tomorrow! I rang my little brother (he's nearly 18, not that little!) and told him I went running. He said "You? Running? Why?!" and my good friend Embo said "Why? Was someone chasing you?". I'll show them....

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