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Friday, 22 June 2012

Focus On: Runner's Knee

A lot of novice runners give up quickly thanks to little niggles. Here, I address those problems and solve them so you can get out there and run! Or at least you'll have answers for all those lazy buggers who come up with excuses not to run with you.

Runner's Knee

Getting twinges around your knee when you run can indicate a muscular imbalance. Make sure you're doing at least one weekly strength session on your legs. Aim to include lunges and squats to improve your overall leg and glute strength which will relieve some of the pressure on your knee. Having a strong core helps too so throw in a few planks a week too.

Having the right running shoes always helps - you need good mid-foot stability  and a well cushioned sole. Always stretch really well after your run and use an ice-pack on your knees if you need to.

If you're still having problems include plenty of oily fish in your diet to keep your joints healthy and consider taking a supplement such as glucosamine or cod liver oil/


  1. I like your suggestions What may help are exercises to strengthen the landing muscles so you can take the impacts without rolling your foot out of the safe range between supination and pronation. This will help keep the alignment of the knee cap in the trochlear grove

    Instead of anther brace or more braces like a shoe and eventually an orthotic you may be able to train your body to realign it so you won't need brace shoes or shoes at all.

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    Dr James Stoxen DC, President, Team Doctors