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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Review: Zombies, Run!

Coming to the end of a short, intense run I'm flagging. I'm thinking about slowing down, perhaps even walking for a bit. Then comes Sam's voice in my headphones. There's an unusually fast zombie right behind me, she's gaining on me, I've got to run!

When my husband got Zombies, Run! on his iPhone I was properly jealous. There wasn't a release date for Android at the time and I just couldn't picture living, or running, without its awesomeness. I struggled through the next few months safe in the knowledge that when the game finally got to Android I would be so much faster than him it wouldn't really matter anyway.

If you're not familiar with the game, I'll explain. Zombies, Run! is a game, a running game. You hit the start button when you begin your run and the story unfolds through your headphones, interspersed with music from your playlist. As you run you gather supplies, avoid zombies and begin to unravel a very gripping mystery. When you get hoe you allocate supplies and grow your base.

This game isn't about running stats, maps and times. It's fun, it keeps you moving and it gives your runs a purpose. It puts you right in the middle of a zombie film, you're the star, you can kick ass. I know it's pricey compared to most apps out there but trust me, it's worth EVERY penny.

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