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Thursday, 14 June 2012

10 Of The Best Road Running Shoes

There's a whole world of running shoes out there and finding the best ones for you can be tricky. Here's my top 5 men's and women's running shoes to keep you moving on the these hot summer days.

The Nike Dart 9 Men's & Ladies running shoes are lightweight and well cushioned with extra stability around the heel - perfect for keeping you going on longer runs.

Nike Dart 9 Ladies Running Shoes
- £27.99

Nike Dart 9 Men's Running Shoes
- £27.99

3D cushioning to the heel helps to absorb the impact force of running on hard surfaces in these Adidas Galaxy Elite running shoes. They're great for faster runs and tempo sessions.

Adidas Galaxy Elite Ladies Running Shoe
- £40.00
Adidas Galaxy Elite 2 Men's Running Shoes
- £40.00

The Ikonis range from Puma are light enough for use as a gym shoe but have enough mid foot stability, cushioning and a hard-wearing sole to take you out on the road so they're great if you want an all round training shoe.

Puma Ikonis 2 Ladies Running Shoes
- £27.99
Puma Ikonis 2 Men's Running Shoes
- £27.99

These New Balance 1080 running shoes have extra cushioning which makes them a great long distance shoe.  

New Balance 1080 Ladies Running Shoes
- £94.99
New Balance 1080 Men's Running Shoes
- £94.99

Lightweight, supportive and sexy. These are a real top-notch running shoe packed full of tech to give a really smooth run. Pricey, but fantastic and absolutely deserve the number one spot.

Asics Gel Kinsei 4 Ladies Running Shoes
- £159.99
Asiscs Gel Kinsei Men's Running Shoes
- £159.99

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