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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Review: Karrimor Phone Arm Wallet

Since the weather got a bit warmer I've done away with my jacket and capris with their handy little bum pocket in favour of skimpier lycra. This has left me with a slight deficit in the phone storage department. I've seen loads of people with arm wallets so thought I'd try out a cheapie - the Karrimor wallet is currently just £3 on Amazon - a bargain not to be missed!

The Blurb: The wallet is designed just to fit your mobile phone and is big enough for most models. The clear panel enables you to use the touch-screen without taking the phone out and it has an adjustable strap for a secure fit.It's available in Black with a choice of either yellow or pink trimmings.

The Trial: My phone (HTC WIldfire) fits snugly into the pocket from the top (no fear of it slipping out mid stride!) as does my husband's iPhone, so I think most phones would be OK unless they're a really bizarre shape. If you really needed to you could shove a key and emergency fiver in there too. The material is slightly stretchy which allows it to move with your arm without feeling too loose or too tight. If you've got really big or really small arms the strap could be a bit of a problem but for most it will be fine. It fits both my husband and I easily. There's a little opening at the top for your headphones to poke through and you can stuff any excess wires in there too which is handy. The wallet stayed put throughout the run and most importantly it was comfortable too.

The Verdict: Does exactly what it needs to! The Karrimor Arm Wallet might not be as stylish as some other makes, but it's cheap, unisex and functional. Thumbs up from Running Bunn!

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