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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Interval Schminterval

Tonight was the first interval run of my new training plan and wow, was it hard! I started out about a mile from home after feeding a friend's cat and took a scenic route home.

After a 5 minute (uphill) warm-up I had my first fast interval. One minute seems like such a long time when you're running fast, but I did it and as my watch beeped I slowed to an easy jog. Well, I say easy, I mean easier than running fast. The three minute slow interval was just enough to recover before another quick bit, at which point I really felt like I was settling into the run. Kiss of death. After the third fast interval I just could not keep running through the next three minutes so had a one minute walking break, 2 minutes jogging and then the next quick interval. That was exactly what I needed and I ran home for a 30 minute 2.83 mile run, dripping with sweat and thoroughly happy.

I can't believe I had actually looked forward to intervals. How naive I was! Intervals are hard work. It's as much a mental game as anything. I think with experience I'll be able to talk myself into running through the whole thing but I can tell you now, I am not looking forward to 1:2 intervals at all.

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