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Monday, 17 October 2011

Review: Karrimor Running Kit

As you can see, I look pretty awesome in my Karrimor running kit. The outfit was available in the black/pink which I chose, but also comes in black/yellow and plain black if you're not such a girly girl.

The capri pants fit really well which I'm surprised about - these are a 10 and I'm usually a 12! They've got a handy little pocket at the back which zips up and is the perfect size for a key, so no more running with it in my shoe. They didn't fall down at all like my regular leggings did and kept me warm and dry throughout the run without overheating.

The quarter zip top is absolutely fantastic. It's a size 12 and fits really well without being too snug. I started off with it zipped up but quickly changed my mind as I settled into the run. I felt warm enough not to need a jacket which, if you ask anyone who knows me, is remarkable.

The outfit was really well priced too. At Sports Direct the kit is currently on sale. The top is currently £6 and the capri pants are £8. Now I've experienced the quality of Karrimor I think they're well worth their original full prices and I look forward to trying more from their range of running gear.

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