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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Review: New Balance 565 Ladies

You might remember last year when I first started running all I had was a pair of Converse High Tops... special edition (Product) RED ones though! Not the best for my feet or legs though. I hot footed it down to a running shop and picked up these bad boys - New Balance 565 Ladies running shoes.

The Blurb: the description for these shoes contains a bit of gobbledigoop jargon - N-Ergy technology, AbzorbĂ‚® DTS Dynamic Transition System, N-Durance rubber. Basically, they're supposedly cushioned, breathable and have a long lasting sole. You can get them in pink (as I did) or blue.

The Trial: I've done just under 100 miles in these shoes so I think it's safe to say they've been worn in. I normally wear a size 5 or 6 in my everyday shoes but got these in a 7 to avoid getting runner's toe. I noticed from the very first run a marked improvement. I get a smooth running experience, my feet and joints feel cushioned against the force of running on pavements and in this hot weather the mesh upper allows my feet to breathe. There's still a good 300 miles left on these shoes but there's no visible wear on the sole and the rest of the shoe cleans up pretty well, when I can be bothered! They aren't particularly stylish but I'm not hugely bothered about how I look when I'm out running anyway.

The Verdict: These have been a perfect pair of beginner running shoes for me. They're really reasonably priced (just £31.99 on Amazon and at Sports Direct) comfortable and hard wearing. I'd definitely recommend these to anyone who wants to start jogging for weight loss, fitness or fun.


  1. Are you sure those are 565's? The 565's I've seen were all retro shoes that look like the 574's.

    1. Yup... certain they're the 565's and they even say it inside!