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Friday, 8 June 2012

Steady as she goes!

I'm part way through the second week of my 12 week plan and MAN is it going well!

I have to admit I did miss the first interval session last Sunday but I have completed my four 25minute continuous runs. My Ironman watch has been awesome for this, it stops me focusing on speed and distance which is not as important as just keeping on running.

Just keep swimming running

Run One was in the park on a really hot day. I was sweaty and hot and kept having to jump over little yappy dogs. I was struggling a bit at about 15 minutes in when I ran past a bloke with a Golden Retriever who clapped his hands together and shouted "C'mon, you're doing great!". Suffice to say that was really the pep up I needed and I breezed through the last ten minutes.

For Run Two I went back out on the roads for a 2.5mile (ish) run. the first third is flat, the second downhill, the third uphill, so it's a challenge! All that was going through my mind was you ran for 25 minutes just two days ago, you can run for that now! and it worked y'know. At the end of my allotted time I was still not home and still had energy so I sprinted the last minute and half - It felt damn good.

The Third Run was the same route and this time I had swapped my rubbish MapMyRun app for Run Keeper so see how it went here.

Run Four was the same route, again, but this time I took the Mr with me. He was in charge of the GPS and unfortunately, due to bowing out early thanks to injury I've not got any map data! But I was even further from home at 25 minutes than before and managed a 3 minute sprint at the end to bring me home. That was about the happiest I've been all day!

So, in summary the first two weeks have been brilliant. I'm really looking forward to intervals on Sunday, and I'm hoping to get to Norwich Road Runners on Monday night. Plus, next week I introduce the fartleks... lucky me!

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