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Friday, 21 October 2011

Time for a run

One of the excuses I always used for not exercising was that I didn't have enough time. Since I started running I have realised that actually, I can fit exercise into my life quite easily.

When you're planning your runs for the week you need to think about how much time you need to set aside in total. Sure there's the half hour run but there's 5 minutes getting ready, another 5 getting water and music, when you get back you need at least 10 minutes stretching and another 10 in the shower... I set aside an hour minimum.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that getting up an hour earlier in the morning just won't happen. I like sleeping. I like it more than anything, even more than Marmite. There's no point setting time aside in the morning if you know you just won't do it then. So, for me, runs have to be during the day or after work.

Other things get in the way though. Tonight is a run night but I've got to go to Ashleigh's school for her first disco. I won't get up early tomorrow and do it (see above) and it's my friend's birthday party after work. I have to fit it in though or I'll be off schedule and Mr Bunn will beat me. That is not acceptable. I am very competitive.

My final option? Take my running kit to work tomorrow and run the long way home. I was going to have a shower before going out so it should only add 20 minutes or so onto my getting ready time. Easy. Crisis averted, c25k remains on course.

If I can find time to do it, anyone can. If you think you can't then it's probably just that you don't want to. Lazy you.

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