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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Review: Converse

I'm not going to pretend that running in Converse is ever a good idea but, for those of you who are considering it I want you to be prepared.

When I first started on my running journey (a whole week ago!) I looked everywhere for my trainers. I found one. Not wanting to hop for nearly 2.5miles I grabbed the next best thing - my Converse high tops. Whilst running in them wasn't too bad in itself (if you can ignore the slapping noise as the flat soles hit the pavement) the pain afterwards was just awful. Today is the first day in a week that my legs haven't hurt.

So, let's get down to why they are so bad for sports. Converse shoes typically have very little cushioning in the sole. This means feet aren't supported properly which can cause problems with the natural side to side motion of your feet ('pronation'). If you have problems with pronation you'll almost certainly suffer from injuries and stubborn aches and pains. For me this has come in the form of serious calf pain, for others it could be shin splints or joint problems.

Ask any runner and they'll tell you the most important piece of kit they have is their shoes. Having learnt the hard way during this past week I'll be getting myself a proper pair of running shoes ASAP whilst the Converse will be reserved for looking awesome with my skinny jeans. I suggest any other novice runners do the same.

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