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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New Plan!

Well, we all know how things went for me last time I was running - injured knee within a couple of weeks and then over two months off training! So now I have a new training plan up on my wall and am getting really into it.
The Team Bangs ladies know how to run!
This time, instead of focusing on the running, I am aiming for a more balanced regime. Each week of the 12 week plan I'm doing two runs, one muscle session, one yoga session and two cardio sessions (aerobics, dance etc.). The running is basically following c25k but only two runs per week instead of three. I'm aiming to be running a 5k parkrun by the end of March along with Jess of Feeling Stylish.

For now let me point you in the direction of Team Bangs on the Run - it's a project by Muireann Carey-Campbell (aka Bangs and a Bun) which gets people running! The Team Bangs Army is currently training for the Berlin half marathon in a little under 12 weeks time, but even if you're not going for something quite so ambitious sign up to the newsletter for some fabulous running tips and motivation.

Until next time...


  1. Have you actually just told the world that I'll be Parkrunning with you? Oh dear. Now I have to do it. I'm going to come last!!

  2. Yes you do have to do it! You won't come last, but even if you do you're only racing yourself. x