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Monday, 23 January 2012

A long week...

Unfortunately the first fitness challenge did not go brilliantly for me.

On Monday and Tuesday I managed to do my 30 minutes of daily exercise with no trouble and felt pretty good. On Wednesday I went for a run, it was really tough but I managed 5k in just under 37 minutes and felt pretty good about myself. Thursday came and I was cream crackered. I fell asleep before getting to do anything. On Friday I was feeling even worse (especially because my phone got stolen) and again didn't do anything more than walking to the bus stop. Friday night was sleepless and sicky which meant no work and no exercise on Saturday. On Sunday I managed another 5k run (in just under 35 minutes!) but by the evening I was feeling pretty terrible again.

My stats for the week are pretty disappointing too.

  • Weight no change
  • Chest + 1 inch
  • Waist + 1 inch
  • Hips  + 1.5 inches
So I've got bigger, lost no weight, been ill and not done all the exercise I planned to. All-in-all I feel pretty rubbish about fitness challenge 1!

So I've decided that, rather than call it a failure, I shall re-do the challenge! This means fitness challenge 2 (I'll be giving the Activia TLC Plan a go) will be delayed, but that's OK, I've not had a chance to go to the shops to buy all the yoghurt yet.

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