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Friday, 21 September 2012

Sport Pursuit Pop-Up Sales

I'm guessing that, seeing as you're here on Running Bunn, you're into sports. As such, it would be safe to assume you like sports clothing and equipment. Me too! That's why I was so excited when I found out about Sport Pursuit. It's sort of like Brand Alley - pop-up sales where you get big brand stuff at tiny prices.

I was gutted to have missed the Shock Absorber sale, totally need a new sports bra, but there's some great other stuff on there too. You need to join in order to see the sales, but it's free so don't panic. Also, if you get friends to join you receive money off your orders.

So sign up to Sport Pursuit and bag yourself some bargains like these!

Beet It - I love beetroot, so the idea of a sports shot made of it. Apparently you can work out for 16% longer with one of these beauties, and they're around £1 each. Beetroot is full of antioxidants (which neutralise nasty free radicals in the body) so one of these a day will keep you looking and feeling great too.

Tresspass Iota Jacket - Now that Autumn is setting in and winter is ahead I need to get me something warm for the raing commute on my bike. Purple is my favourite colour ever, and this looks toasty warm and lovely. It's currently reduced from £100 to just £37.50 in the pop-up sale, a bargain I think you'll agree!

Lezyne Mini Drive LED Light - with the mornings and evenings getting darker I'm going to have to invest in some lights. This is super-bright (150 lumens) for dark country lanes but can be turned down if you're in urban areas, it's got a rechargeable Li-Ion battery and looks really cool. A snip at £25.50 - nearly 50% off.

So, those are my top picks, who knows what will be on there next though as the sales only last seven days and are constantly being updated! What are your favourites from the site?

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