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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

30 Day Shred

I've heard about the 30 Day Shred before, and I've heard it's pretty tough. Jillian Michaels (the one who makes fat Americans exercise until they're sick on The Biggest Loser) uses her 3-2-1 technique to get the best workout from the shortest time. That's strength-cardio-abs. 3-2-1. Easy.

Or not.

The DVD contains three workouts and I started with the easiest. I don't want to totally spoil it for you but there's star jumps, sit-ups, weights and Natalie who has the most amazing legs! (I also want Jillian's arms, they're fantastic) You don't get rest periods it's just straight into the next section. There were bits I found tougher, particularly some of the weights exercises for arms - mine are scrawny and weak at the moment.

I think, because I was expecting it to be so hard, I didn't give it my all. At the end I was tired and sweaty, but I could have been more tired and more sweaty. It's OK though, I have tonight to do it again! And I know I got a good workout because my calves and my shoulders are killing me this morning.

So, I think I'll continue level one this week, and perhaps try level two next week, but I can definitely see myself being a lot fitter by the end of this!

If you want to see how I looked by the end of the workout head over to Spikes and Heels to the #OperationHideous gallery.

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