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Friday, 28 September 2012

Review: TLC Sport

I was recently sent a couple of items from ladies sportswear brand TLC Sport. Currently celebrating its 20th year, TLC Sport has a huge range of clothing all designed and made here in the UK. One of my favourite things is how personal everything is - this is a family run business which really puts the customer first. For example, you can request plus-size items at no extra charge. Now that's service!

The ribbons make a recurring appearance throughout the collection. The grey vest I'm wearing is really comfortable and the stripes not only make you look slim but the fabric really does hold you in whilst you're working out. Great for when your doing a core workout like I was, it really encourages you to tense all those abs! The top is reversible too giving you the choice of a high or low neckline. Love the adaptability.

The leggings are figure firming and really live up to their promise! I've cycled to work in them a few times too and there's still no sagging around the knees or bum, something which really annoys me about most leggings.

Top £22
Leggings £36

I love this outfit. It's grown-up and functional, the pieces are comfortable and well made, I look like a proper fitness fanatic when I'm wearing it and more importantly I feel like one. I love the whole collection and am looking forward to topping up my workout wardrobe with more from the site.


  1. Dude. You look so damn hot.

    Love these clothes. Fancy a big-camera-photoshoot soon?