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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Review: Jabra Rhythm

I've become a bit of an audio-book junkie recently - on the bus, out running, at work... when the boss isn't looking. Up until now i only had the headphones which came with my HTC and they're really uncomfortable.

Recently I was sent a set of Jabra Rhythm headphones to review. I've never heard of the make before, but a look around the website shows they do a pretty big range of headsets.

The earphones fit really well in my ears (something I've struggled with before) and stay put through a 4 mile run - although there is an over-the-ear sports version if you want something solely for that. The sound quality is brilliant and as they have sound isolating ear buds (in three different sizes) even running round the ring road or sitting next to the screaming kid on the bus doesn't interrupt my Potter-a-thon. I do have to be careful crossing the road though - can't hear cars coming either. Another point of note is that, even at full volume, other people can't hear much of the music you're listening to so you're not going to bug the rest of the world with your 90's brit pop anthems.

All I need now is to get me an iPhone so I can start playing Zombies Run!

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