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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Race Report: Race For Life Norwich - 10k

Yesterday was what it had all been building up to, the Race For Life 10k (although, as we were reminded just before the start, it is not a race). We were told to turn up an hour before the start time of 10am to "soak up the atmosphere" but I got there at about 9.30am - still too early in my opinion. I'm not a big fan of the tutu's and fairy wings and face painting. I have relatives who've died of cancer so there's no need to show me the teary film of sadness. And I certainly do not want to join in with a zumbathon warm-up. So yeah, I really soaked up the atmosphere there...

Ali Bunn - number 1 before the race even started...
(pic from Heart)

At 10am I made my way to the start and settled at the back of the runners pack whilst waiting for the joggers and walkers to take their places behind. By 10.15 we were off. It was really slow going at first. I got stuck behind some really slow people for a while but by 1km I was getting into my stride.

We headed around the showground, out onto the road and along an uppy-downy bit for a few km and back into the showground for the last k and a half. I was starting to flag a bit here but seeing my husband and (face-painted) kid spurred me through to a 32min first half. This was certainly a bit behind schedule and I was really not looking forward to the next 5k.

I enjoyed getting out on the road again and the challenging ups were definitely rewarded for by the little down-hill sections. At 8½ k I was walking, my chest was tight and the finish line felt a million miles away. My shoulders were heavy, I'd lost all form and had no idea how I could possibly finish. My schedule was out the window too.

Then came my angel. A lady wearing all black with a white tutu came running up behind me, took out her earphones and shouted "Come on girlie, you can do it!" - "OK..." I replied tentatively and suddenly had a burst of energy. The 9th km flew past and passing the 500m to go was a great feeling.

Rounding the last corner, with about 200m left I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me to pass the finish at 1:06:30. Passing the finish is such a strange feeling, I was almost in tears as I collected my water and orange, the relief was overwhelming. I sat on the grass for a couple of minutes to catch my breath before heading home for a bath.

Looking back I wish I'd done some more stretching because man, am I sore today!

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  1. Congrats. So proud of you! I'll be running alongside next year!