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Monday, 27 August 2012

On yer bike...!

Running the 3 miles to work each morning is just not feasible - I'd get there for sure, but I'd smell pretty bad for the whole day. So I've started cycling. 3 miles there, 3 miles back. That's SIX MILES every day. Being a cheapskate I refuse to buy myself a bike so am using one I found in my parents' garage, one originally bought for me when I was 14. Half a life ago.

It's a bit too small for me, and only has 10 gears but for me, it's perfect. It turns out cycling is way easier than running! I go 3 miles in no time! I can get up half an hour later than if I was getting the bus to work, I'm saving money, reducing my carbon footprint (do people still care about that?!) and getting regular exercise too.

That's not to say it's actually easy, oh no. By Saturday night, after six days straight of biking I was cream crackered. I have no idea how I can fit a run into my week at the moment. Legs of jelly don't cope well walking across the garden let alone a run!

So, whilst my body learns to cope with a whole new form of exercise the running has been moved to the back burner. I'll be concentrating on core and arm strength when I can and, hopefully, next time I run I'll have found some extra speed from the extra leg muscles I'm accumulating!

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