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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Magazine Wishes

I'm not a big reader of magazines, mainly because I'm not really fashion savvy like some people. Every now and then I fancy reading something light, entertaining and inspiring. My feet drag me towards the magazine rack and that's where the disappointment rears its head.

Grazia, Company and Elle are flanked on one side by gossip mags and on the other by wedding, hair and craft ones. Occasionally you'll find a lonely copy of Zest tucked in amongst the diet tripe, but in general there is nothing fitness related. Glance at the "men's magazines" and you'll see scores of magazines devoted to sports, health and fitness.

I'm jealous. I'd like to find an inspiring read with a new power boot-camp I can do at home, a great arm workout for strength and shape, protein rich diets and awesome new kit. I don't care if Titts McGee from TOWIE got a pejazzle or what Shanika from X Factor has a secret crush on the Honey Monster.

So come on magazine bosses create something worthwhile for a change. Something to inspire and empower rather than degrade and belittle. Please?


  1. Preach on Sister Bunn!

    Couldn't agree more. Women's Running is quite good but still, on the front cover this month the healine article is "Slim Down fast". Too much emphasis on looking good instead of feeling good.

    1. See that's crazy. Anyone who's into fitness enough to want to buy a magazine about it can't possibly be interested in a crash diet. Maybe we should start our own magazine?!

  2. Oh I agree with this so much! I like Zest, and I like Runners World. I think Women's Running is a bit too "Cosmo" for me!

    I wouldn't know where to start setting up a magazine, otherwise I might!