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Friday, 20 July 2012

Focus On: Side Stitch

A lot of novice runners give up quickly thanks to little niggles. Here, I address those problems and solve them so you can get out there and run! Or at least you'll have answers for all those lazy buggers who come up with excuses not to run with you.

Side Stitch

No-one's quite sure what causes a stitch. Some theories suggest it's caused by the liver contracting (which would be why a stitch is usually on the right hand side) due to internal pressure as blood flow increases. Other theories blame the diaphragm or spine.

Whatever the cause, a stitch doesn't feel good. The best course of action is to slow down, stop if you have to, and just wait it out. As ever a strong core can help, and try to avoid food and sugary drinks for an hour before you run.

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