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Friday, 13 July 2012

Focus On: Back Pain

A lot of novice runners give up quickly thanks to little niggles. Here, I address those problems and solve them so you can get out there and run! Or at least you'll have answers for all those lazy buggers who come up with excuses not to run with you.

Back Pain

A lot of runners complain about pain in their back and, as someone new to the sport, you're more at risk. Novice runners often have a weak core which places strain on the rest of the body.

In your back a weak core can contribute to curvature and compression of the joints which is pretty painful. Combat the pain by including some abs exercises in your warm-up and really concentrat in pulling your core in tight as you run.

Attending a regular yoga or pilates class can help to alleviate the pain, strengthen your core and stretch out any tight muscles.

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