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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Getting Back Into It

As I'm sure you can tell by my absence, my first run after the injured knee did not go too well. After the first running interval I felt like I'd been kicked by a donkey. Since then I've just not had the guts to go back out.

For years I have hated exercise. I'd always tell people it's dangerous, anyone with an injury most likely got it from some kind of sport related incident. Besides, I've never been much overweight so why should I bother. Sporty people annoyed me with their happiness and their dedication.

I felt so good after the first few weeks of C25K that I suddenly felt stupid for all those years derision. I was happier, needed less sleep to feel more awake, I was breathing better and, dare I say it, looked better too - my skin was brighter, my hair shinier. That was just from a few weeks, imagine what I'd be like at the end of 9 weeks?! When I hurt my knee it was like I was being chastised for giving up my old beliefs so freely.

When Bangs and a Bun posted today about the new 'Team Bangs...' I was so jealous that I can't be a part of it. If I'd never injured myself I'd be up to 5k now and doing the Berlin half marathon wouldn't be a million mile target. But as it is I can't even chase a pigeon let alone run 13 miles.

So I've decided, "that's quite enough moping Mrs Bunn"! Tomorrow I will find time (in between the school run, Christmas shopping, house move packing etc. etc.) to go out. I'm not going to pressure myself by trying to do a C25K run, I'm just going to do my best. If I can't run at all then so be it. I need to get back in the habit of putting on my running gear and leaving the house for half an hour. I can build up as slowly as my knee (and my injured courage) needs.

Watch this space...

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