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Friday, 11 November 2011

Winter Running Fears

You'll be pleased to hear that my injury is almost completely healed. I'm still not comfortable running, and my knee feels achy after a day standing around in the shop but I'm almost there. I'm planning to go out on Sunday afternoon for a c25k week 3 run (90s run, 90s walk, 3m run, 3m walk) and if that goes well then I'll do a couple more week 3 runs before starting on c25k week 4, just to make sure I ease myself back in and don't do any further damage.

I know it's not that cold... yet!
The thing is, these past two weeks of no running have seen a bit of a weather change. We're definitely getting more to the winter end of autumn and I'm not sure I want to go outside in a t-shirt! In my head I know that after a couple of minutes I'll be sweating like a pig, but the longer I don't run, the scarier it seems.

There is also a safety issue for me. I finish work at 5.45 by which time it is really dark. My Karrimor running kit has a lot of fluorescent bits on it so I should be easily seen but, probably something to do with being brutally mugged as a teenager, I'm not so keen on being out in the dark for other reasons.

I've done a bit or research (isn't t'interweb great?!) and read a fantastic book (full review to come soon!) and have compiled a list of the most useful tips.

  1. Always tell someone where you are going, the full route and what time you expect to return. This way if you don't return, they know where to start looking for you!
  2. Make sure you have some identification with you and a number to call in case of emergency - I write my husband's number on my arm. This way if you're in an accident you won't be Jane/John Doe.
  3. Make sure you have some money stashed about your person. If you're going on a long run take enough for a bus/taxi home in case you get injured, for short runs enough for an emergency phone-call should you need to make one. That's if you can find a phone box of course.
  4. If you're going to be running in an unlit area take a small torch, a tiny keyring torch is perfect.
  5. Don't have your music too loud. You need to be aware of your surroundings, traffic and other people to stay safe.
So, be safe running, wish me luck for Sunday. Any other tips please post a comment below.

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