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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Book Review: Running (The Only Book You'll Ever Need)

As a lot of you know I started off with the C25K programme, but have really struggled with technique and injuries. Luckily for me David & Charles, the lovely publishers of Running (The Only Book You'll Ever Need), sent me a copy of the book to help me along.

The Book
Now I know the old saying "don't judge a book by its cover" but seriously, before you even open it this is a beautiful book! See how the corners are rounded in the picture? They really are like that! It's lovely, smooth and flowing. I love to hold this book. It feels nice. The cover is simple and it really stands out on the bookshelf. It's also a really good size, nice and thick. You seem to get your money's worth with it.

The Blurb
This book claims it covers everything you need to know about running. It includes information on posture and body mechanics, injuries, exercises, food and water as well as tips relating to age, sex and training goals.

The Good
There is a lot of information in this book and it's been set out really well. You could easily pick it up and read the whole thing cover-to-cover or just as easily leave it on the shelf and use for reference. There's really useful tips for beginners, but it also goes into more detail for more experienced runners. The training plans look really good (if you're up for doing a some longer races!) and I've found myself reaching for this book in many a quiet moment.

The Bad
I hate to include a bad point but, in the interest of honesty... Some of the descriptions in the book (particularly how to stretch) are totally overcomplicated. I had to read a couple of pages more than once before I could get my head around what the author was saying, even when he was describing something as simple as stretching a calf muscle.

The Verdict
Overall, I really like this book. it has helped me to understand running from a scientific point of view. I don't want to wear the correct trainers just because someone has told me to, I want to know why I should wear them, and this book explains all those little things. I think it's a great book for new and seasoned runners alike and would absolutely reccomend it for anyone who wants to get fit in 2012.

Running (The only Book You'll Ever need) is currently available from Waterstones for £9.99.

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